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CHAPE SLANG IVG, a white press hose for mortar, cement, plaster and concrete. Available in lengths of 30 and 40 meters, ideal for various construction projects where precision and quality are required.
Ensure secure attachments with our hose clamps, made of galvanized steel and equipped with a hex bolt. These durable clamps provide a secure grip for a variety of applications.
For seamless integration into your chap hoses, discover the TULLE HOSE CONNECTION WELDED. These couplings are specially designed for optimal performance and reliable connections in your construction projects.
Choose reliable connections with the TULLE HOSE CONNECTION WITH OUTSIDE WIRE. These high-quality, male-threaded chap hose fittings offer excellent performance and easy installation for your construction needs.
For high-quality performance in hydraulic systems, choose the MORTAL COUPLING MANUAL HOSE PILAR. Made of durable cast iron/steel, this coupler provides both rigidity and flexibility for a variety of hydraulic hose applications.
Improve your hydraulic hoses with the MORTEL-COPPING WOMAN HOSE PILAR. Made of high quality cast iron/steel, this coupler provides a sturdy and flexible solution for your mortar hoses.
Discover the versatility of CAMLOCK COUPLING TYPE-A, a male coupling available in aluminum or stainless steel. With internal thread or internal thread, this coupling provides reliable connections for a variety of applications.
Facilitate your hose connections with CAMLOCK COUPLING TYPE-D, a stainless steel female coupling with levers and female thread. Ideal for various hose applications, ensure safe and efficient operation.
Rely on TRICOFLEX, a Uv-resistant and abrasion-resistant water hose, for reliable water flow in all weather conditions. Available in 3/4" or 1" diameter for all your water needs.
Choose durable support with ALU RAILS, rectangular aluminum profiles 6 meters in length. These rails are cut to size and feature wooden blocks on the ends, making them ideal for chaperails and various construction applications.
Improve your repair and sealing jobs with DUCT tape with PE coating. Conveniently tearable and with excellent initial tack and adhesion, perfect for polyethylene, glass and wood. Apply to a surface free of dust and grease
Rely on the durability of Aluminum tape with acrylic adhesive. Made of pure aluminum with acrylic adhesive, this tape offers excellent resistance to UV light and high temperatures, with good adhesion and water vapor resistance.
Protect smooth surfaces with PVC MASKING TAPE ORANGE, a strong and flexible standard-quality PVC film masking tape available in a striking orange color. Ideal for protecting wood, aluminum, polyethylene and glass during various applications.
FLEXIBLE HOSE/SPUITLANS, an 8 meter long standard hose perfect for insulation glue applications. The long lance spray gun is specially designed for precise application of insulation material on walls.
ISOLATION LIGHTS offer fast and durable bonding, with excellent heat resistance. Use it for versatile applications with the option of single- or double-sided application depending on your project needs.
AcoustiFIX is a foam-based universal spray adhesive specifically designed for applying edge strips on site. The 500 ml spray cans can be used for one-sided or double-sided application of the adhesive to the desired surface. Double-sided application ensures a firm and permanent adhesion of the adhesive. AcoustiFIX can also be used for certain insulation applications
Make your cleaning jobs easy with CLEANER SPRAY, an acetone-based solvent cleaner. Safe for most surfaces, it removes adhesive residue and degreases effectively. The convenient 500 ml aerosol makes use with a trigger gun handle very easy.
Bubble plate HQ for underfloor heating: This relief plate is designed for laying underfloor heating systems. The plastic plate features studs that have a wider diameter at the top, allowing the tubes to be easily snapped and remain firmly in place during installation.
Grid film: A translucent polyethylene grid film designed specifically for tacking underfloor heating systems onto sprayed PUR, foam concrete and EPS insulation mortar. The indented 10 x 10 cm grid facilitates installation, making it an efficient choice for underfloor heating applications.
Recyfol: This polyethylene construction film is available in an opaque version. Ideal for a variety of construction applications where moisture and waterproofing are essential.
Choose our opaque polyethylene construction film designed specifically for PUR placers. It temporarily covers the underside of walls to protect against chap splashes. In this application, transparency is less important. Our film provides reliable protection and is perfectly tailored to the needs of PUR installers.
Enhance your construction project with our transparent construction film, a polyethylene film with a thickness ranging from 0.100 to 0.200 mm according to DIN 53370. Available in widths from 1000 to 6000 mm according to GKV. Made of LDPE for durability and reliability. The naturally transparent color provides a clear view of the work surface. Perfect for a variety of construction applications.
STRENGTHENED BUILDING POLY: This LDPE film, reinforced with polypropylene fabric, is perfect for floor, roof and façade elements on the warm side of structures. With vapor control properties suitable for buildings in climate class 2 and 3, it offers resistance to mechanical loads.
UNDERFLOOR/ALUREFLECTION FILE: Acoustically insulating subfloor made of extruded polyethylene foam, perfect for laminate and oak floors. Reduces walking noise and noise transmission to lower neighbors, suitable for upstairs dwellings. Also usable with underfloor heating systems because of its low thermal resistance.
Puratex is a seamless textile fabric with a thickness of 2 mm. The top of the cloth is capped with a PVC film. This prevents moisture penetration and provides additional insulation protection for further floor finishing. The textile cloth is always used in conjunction with Thermogran.
Improve sound comfort with our sound-absorbing expansion joints made of PE with base, compliant with DIN 4109. They reduce noise by about 40% compared with false joints. Call the IBF's tests in Troisdorf for more information.
Experience stability and flexibility with our hollow chamber profile with elastic foam, perfect for a variety of applications. The core consists of closed-cell polyethylene surrounded by a double-sided cavity profile. This profile offers durability and reliability in a variety of environments.