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what is thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is a crucial aspect of modern building and design, aimed at reducing heat transfer between different parts of a building. The goal is to improve heating and cooling efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase occupant comfort.

Thermal insulation works by using materials that have low thermal conductivity, meaning they hinder the transfer of heat by conduction, convection and radiation. These materials can range from traditional options such as glass wool and polystyrene foam to more advanced materials such as reflective films and vacuum insulation panels.

our product range

Discover IKO Enertherm ALU straight edge insulation boards, ideal for thermal insulation of roofs, floors, cavity walls and attics. These PIR boards feature a gas-tight aluminum complex on both sides, providing excellent thermal insulation. With an ATG certificate for guaranteed quality, you are assured of lasting performance.
IKO Enertherm ALU with tongue and groove offers excellent thermal insulation thanks to its rigid polyisocyanurate foam core and gas-tight aluminum cladding. Ideal for flat or pitched roofs, floors, cavity walls and attics, and ATG certified for guaranteed performance.
EPS sheets are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, from floors to roofs. Expanded polystyrene foam boards offer a wide range of options for insulation projects, making them a smart choice for various construction needs.
Discover tack board, an expanded polystyrene board with waterproof laminated film, ideal for thermal insulation of screeds. The foil with verlegraster provides auxiliary lines for fixing underfloor heating systems according to DIN EN 13163. These boards, measuring 2000 x 1000 mm (folded packed as 1000 x 1000 mm), are an essential choice for underfloor heating systems.
XPS boards of type Nature W, with smooth and extrusion-sealed surface, are ideal for insulation. With edge trim for large boards (2500 mm x 600 mm) as tongue and groove, and for small boards (1250 mm x 600 mm) as straight edge, they offer versatility in installation. The yellow-colored sheets, foamed with CO2, are an excellent choice for insulation projects.
With Kooltherm K3, you get the highest lambda value among traditional insulation materials, saving space in the floor. Ideal to combine with underfloor heating for maximum efficiency.
Rockfloor Solid, a solid rock wool insulation board, provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for floating floors. With high load-bearing capacity and dynamic rigidity, it is perfect for a variety of applications, from offices to homes. With a Class A fire rating, it is also fireproof. Discover the benefits of Rockfloor Solid for your insulation projects.
Rockfloor Therm is an extremely hard stone wool insulation board, perfect for thermal insulation of floors under heavy loads, such as first floor and concrete applications. Combinable with Rockfloor Base, Solid or Extra for optimal thermal performance in floating floors. This non-combustible board with Class A fire certification offers peace of mind.
Insultop, a closed-cell thermal/acoustic insulation, is ideal for floors with limited build-up height. Discover INSULTOP 15 for efficient insulation even in compact spaces.
Improve sound and thermal insulation with INSULIT BI+ 20, a thermoacoustic carpet pad designed to reduce shock and impact noise between floors. This carpet pad, placed under a floating screed ± 8 cm thick, increases the thermal resistance of the floor, improving comfort.
Discover foam, a universal bubble-forming aggregate for cement. This high-quality emulsion of modified foams is used with EPS beads to create insulating mortar, providing efficient insulation solutions.
EPS CORRELS WHITE, odorless and suitable for insulating infill layers, consist mainly of recycled granules from 2 to 6 mm. Low dust and ideal for concrete matrix. Never add sand when placing backfill layers for optimum performance.
BETOPOR PRO provides an insulating infill layer based on recycled EPS beads, perfect for thermal-acoustic insulation. This blend of fine, recycled grains enriched with aggregates is designed for cementitious mortar. Never use sand and benefit from easy application with screed pumps.
Discover BETOPOR PLUS, a thermal-acoustic infill layer based on recycled EPS pellets, ideal for insulation. This special blend of fine EPS granules, coated with suitable aggregates, is designed for use with pumps, without the addition of sand.
Thermogran offers high-quality thermal insulation with ready-to-use polyurethane granules. This insulating mortar, composed of high density CFC-free polyurethane beads, is bonded with refined cements and selected aggregates. With Thermogran, you get efficient thermal insulation without the hassle.
THERMOGRAN SUPER+ ACOUSTIC, polyurethane insulation granules that provide thermal and acoustic insulation of floors. These granules are carefully crushed, granulated and washed, and contain fungicidal and fire-resistant additives. The green color indicates its fire retardant properties.